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A fat tire electric bike helps you make the most of your camping trip. It lets you spend less but explore more. Most importantly, it helps you save the planet.


Camping can be a great stress reliever, but it becomes more fun when done right. The latest campers’ trend — one that lets you make the most out of it — is camping with a fat tire electric bike. 



A fat tire eBike not only allows you explore the spots that you can’t access by your feet or a four-wheeler, it also saves you loads of money. Moreover, it has the least impact on the environment, when compared to the alternatives. 



This blog covers how a fat-tire eBike makes for your best camping partner. It also discusses how you can go camping on a fat-tire eBike as well as what qualities you should look for while buying one for your next trip. 



What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?


Before we go deep into why you should trade your ATV for a fat tire electric bike, let’s first see what it is. In simple terms, a fat tire eBike is a motor-propelled bike with fat, all-terrain tires for the purpose of off-roading. 



Much like a normal electric bike, it has a battery that supplies electric power and a motor that converts this electric power into torque, besides other complementary systems. However, unlike a usual electric bike, it has a better suspension system, a sturdier build, and thicker 4-inch tires.



Why Go Camping on a Fat Tire Electric Bike?


Here are a few reasons why a fat tire eBike can be your best camping partner.



Go Faster


A fat tire eBike lets you explore more in less time. Propelled by a powerful brushless motor, it enables you to go as fast as 40 mph. It means you can fully explore the wilderness if you are on an electric bike instead of just traveling on foot. 



The best thing is that you are in full control when you opt for an eBike as your camping partner. You can easily control or even limit your speed as per your convenience to make the most out of your experience.



Go Further


The best argument in favor of fat tire eBikes for camping is unarguably their ability to negotiate all kinds of terrains. While most fat tire bikes can climb hills as steep as 25 degrees, some can even conquer hills with up to 45 degrees of gradient. That’s the performance of an SUV at a fraction of the cost.



Camping can’t be fun if you are limited by the spatial and topographic restraints. A fat tire eBike helps you take on the most daring of adventurers and explore the most inaccessible of areas. In fact, nothing is off-limits for you when you’re riding one.



Take Everyone


 Fat tire eBikes usually allow the rider to choose between three riding modes. The manpower mode needs full pedal power from the rider, the throttle or pure-electric mode requires none and the pedal-assist mode propels the ride by a combination of pedal and motor power. 

It means camping and trailing can be more inclusive for everyone if you’re on a fat tire electric bike. The elders or the youngsters can easily accompany you on the adventures that are otherwise not possible for them to undertake on foot.



Be Healthy


As discussed before, fat tire eBikes offer multiple riding modes. While the elders can use throttle mode to explore the beyond, you can use the manpower mode to work out while you’re out on your camping adventure to stay physically fit.



The biggest benefit of using a fat tire electric bike for fitness purpose is that you never feel that you’re working out. Being in the wild surrounded by lush-green landscape and captivating sights also improve your mental health.



Save Money


If you opt for an electric bike instead of an all-terrain vehicle or a gas-powered car as your camping partner, you save some serious bucks. Not only do they cost you less, but they are also extremely economical in the long term.



Unlike ATVs, RVs, or normal cars, the fat tire electric bikes don’t consume fuel. They’re powered by battery power, which is considerably cheaper than gas. Moreover, they offer an incredibly economical mileage on a single charge and are also low-maintenance in nature. So a huge win, money-wise!



Save the Planet


Last but not least, choosing a fat tire electric bike over a gas-powered vehicle means you’re doing your bit to help save the planet from the climate catastrophe that’s been long in the making. 



Off-road vehicles, ATVs, and RVs are gas guzzlers. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are eco-friendly with zero carbon emissions. Though the electricity they use is, too, produced with some degree of emissions, they are considerably environment-friendly when compared with the alternatives.



How to Carry Camping Gear on a Fat Tire eBike?


If you’re visiting a park or hill station for a few hours, you can mount bike racks or storage bags on your eBike to carry your stuff. However, if you’re in for hardcore camping and need to haul larger items like tents and stoves, you can purchase an eBike cargo trailer. These trailers can haul camping equipment up to 100 lbs, which is more than enough in most cases.


How to Charge an eBike While Camping?


Most campsites offer RV hookups or other similar facilities to let campers charge their equipment. In case you’re visiting a site that doesn’t offer this facility, you can carry one or more spare batteries to keep you charged during your trip. But if you’re touring over multiple days, you might want to carry a solar power charger with you.



What to Look for in an eBike for Camping?


Here’s what you might want to look for in an eBike for camping.



Battery Range


Your battery size is what determines the range/ mileage of your eBike, so you might want to get the one with the most range. Also if you plan to carry multiple batteries with you, make sure to buy an electric bike with removable battery rack.



Rated Power


While some electric bikes offer a single rear-mounted motor, others come with a dual motor configuration, which is unarguably more powerful and more stable on the hills. For camping proposes, go for a dual motor electric bike with more rated power. The bigger the motor, the better it will perform on the hills.





The suspension system in your electric bike absorbs all bumps and irregularities to ensure a comfortable ride irrespective of the terrain. While almost all fat tire electric bikes come with suspension, you might want to buy one that has dual shock absorbers.



Weight Limit 


Fat tire electric bikes have varying weight limits, though most can haul up to 440 lbs of cumulative load. If you plan to carry an eBike cargo trailer with you, make sure to buy a bike that has enough hauling power.



Tire Quality 


Most fat tire eBikes have 4-inch thick, all-terrain tires. These tires are considerably better than the ones offered by regular eBikes, but their quality varies. As a ground rule, always prefer anti-skid and wear-resistant tires. Some manufacturers also offer puncture-proof tires, that are even better for camping purposes.


Bike Storage


If you’re carrying an eBike cargo trailer, you can ignore the storage capacity as a factor impacting your buying decision. But if that’s not the case, consider one that offers a storage rack/ bag or at least the capability to mount one.





Almost all fat-tire eBikes offer front LED headlights to let you ride in the dark. For camping trips that span multiple days, you might want to buy one that has a bright, front lamp with wide-angle illumination. Even better is to buy one that also offers tail and side lights in addition to the front lamp.



A Final Word


If you love camping, chances are you’ll also be passionate about the environment. If so, a fat tire electric bike makes for a perfect camping partner. 


Besides being super environment-friendly, a fat tire eBike helps you share the fun with everyone in the family, make the most of your trip, and save some serious cash while you’re at it. Simply put, using fat tire eBikes for camping is nothing but camping done right!

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